Summer fun at Blagdon

Diary posted

19th August 2014

In general July was a relatively quiet month with some of the routine activities suspended due to a number of residents being away. However, the month was not without activity altogether. There is always something happening at Blagdon.

Roulette. There was a new innovation in the village during the month – an introduction to Roulette. John Kinahan has his own home equipment for this pastime and held an evening of tuition for those interested residents who didn’t know how to play.  No money changed hands, everyone was given their chips, and everyone returned them back at the end. It went extremely well and we’re looking forward to a repeat in the autumn.

Summer Party. Once again we were treated to a Summer Party organized with military precision by Dudley and Marion Price, the third time they have done so. The event opened with a glass of champagne for everyone, the distribution of which was aided by the two entertainers. These two young men then went into their routine, singing along to CDs played on their own sound equipment, while we all tucked into a comprehensive buffet lunch sitting at tables in all the public rooms, the main patio and a smaller patio under the shade of a newly purchased gazebo. After that the more active residents took part in outdoor games of target putting, target boules, and hoopla.  Later in the afternoon prizes were awarded for individual games and for the highest total score for all three. Fortunately the weather was kind to us.  The threatened rain didn’t materialise and the sun came out. Once again, a very successful function.

Contribution from resident Michael Pettet