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Careers at Retirement Villages

We asked our Employees what was the best thing about working with Retirement Villages, and this is what they said.

There are a few answers to this question! Firstly, there is plenty of opportunity to grow and achieve more outside of your basic job requirements here; I feel that every time I have shown interest in taking part in something, the opportunity has been opened up to me and I appreciate that very much- in turn, it makes me feel listened to as well and makes me feel like this is a career as opposed to just a job (something I have always wanted).
The company support, it has given me the guidance to progress through the company in under a year which was very appreciated.
I love the variety of my job, freedom of speech the relationship I have with my managers and Residents. I wouldn't like to work anywhere else. I have a lot of responsibilities my job makes me feel like I have made a difference and that's a good feeling
The amazing social purpose of providing places for older people to thrive and live longer
Helping residents with everyday queries and providing a positive environment in which they can enjoy life in the village gives me a huge sense of satisfaction, as the small and simple things can have the biggest impact.
More than my role as a cook I love the environment here, working in such a beautiful property is inspiring. The residents also make me feel like I am part of The Village family

I don’t think we could say it any better than that really.

We regularly post vacancies for our head office in Victoria, London and our 16 village locations which are situated in 11 counties across the southern half of the UK.

Our current vacancies are:

Sales Administrator – West Byfleet

Sales Consultant – Central Region

Village Manager - Rugby

For further details please contact

If you want to be a part of our team we would recommend you revisit this page on a regular basis to keep updated on the latest opportunities.

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