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Healthy & Wellbeing

It’s fundamental that we recognise and support all aspects of our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. It goes beyond just checking in to the yoga class once a week; it’s about considering how every aspect of our lifestyle can have a meaningful, positive impact and making the time to do the things that make us feel alive, alert and happy. Looking after our wellbeing is vital to our overall heath, feeling good and enjoying life.

Part of a bigger community

We thrive when we engage with people of all ages, not just our own. That’s why our communities celebrate being part of their wider neighbourhoods. The more we’re open to new experiences, cultures and ideas, the more we can continue to grow, enriching our lives and those of others.


Walkable neighbourhoods

Making things easy to get to allows people to make the most of them. It keeps things convenient, with the peace of mind that things are never far away. Do and explore at your own speed.

Space to let creativity loose

Craft and workshop areas allow everyone space to follow their own pursuits: from arts and crafts, performance and hobbies to just tinkering, making and creating. They are places for collaboration, where clubs and classes make things happen not to mention the friendships that are made.


Fitness for all

Dedicated, multipurpose fitness spaces support however you like to stay active, providing the facilities and amenities for all to use. Keeping our bodies moving is vital for our physical wellbeing – whatever the weather – and especially when it’s raining!

Friends. Food. Fizz?

Relaxed, social spaces cater to every occasion, creating destinations that bring people together. Will it be film club night in the lounge, or live music at the bar? Fish ‘n’ chips or whisky on the rocks? You tell us!

Smart technology

As technology evolves, it opens up new experiences and ways to connect. Integrating these in a thoughtful and useful way is fundamental to the places we build, so that they stay relevant and future facing.


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