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Buying your property

The Guaranteed Repayment option

We have introduced a brand new way to buy and sell retirement homes that will make life simpler and more affordable for retirees. Our innovative approach streamlines the entire process, reducing the stress and complexity often associated with moving in later life. With a focus on transparency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, we aim to provide an exceptional experience for those looking to enjoy their retirement.

We call this live now, pay later. 

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Giving you more certainty & peace of mind for the future.

What makes this New model special?

  1. No Hidden Costs: The Thrive Living model eliminates the annual management fees once you vacate, and you won’t face any hidden costs. The fees are straightforward and transparent, aligning with the ARCO Consumer Code, which ensures full disclosure regarding fees and charges.
  2. Guaranteed Repayment: When you sell your home in the Thrive Living collection, we guarantee that you’ll receive the price you initially paid, minus a deferred management fee (DMF).
  3. Hassle-Free Selling: We take on the responsibility of refurbishing and reselling your home, removing the stress and hassle of the selling process. This means you can focus on enjoying your retirement without worrying about future financial arrangements.

The Open Market option

Our open market option is the traditional way to purchase a home in a retirement community.

The resident pays a full Management fee and an Event fee when they vacate the property taking full responsibility for the property and all costs associated with its onward sale.

Contact the team to discuss the best way to finance your move.

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