Spring sets in at Blagdon Village

Diary posted

18th April 2017

Blagdon Village

All the regular activities are now in full swing, winter is long gone and spring is well established.  During the month we had a talk on winemaking, our themed evening in the restaurant had an Irish flavour and we had a talk by a would-be politician. 

Winemaking Talk

The talk was given by the founder and Chairman of the Taunton Amateur Country Winemaking Circle of which one of our residents, Norman Crane, is an enthusiastic member.  As the title of the Circle suggests, the main ingredients used are harvested from the countryside resulting in a many types and flavours of wine.  The talk included a demonstration of the method used to “home-brew” wine and was followed by a tasting of a number of samples.  A very happy atmosphere ensued!

Themed Evening  

On most months we have a themed evening in the restaurant on the middle Friday.  In March this was St Patrick’s Day and so what could be more appropriate than to have an Irish stew.  Yet another convivial gathering. 

Political Talk 

One of our residents, Douglas Raven, has for some time been finding speakers from outside the Village to come and give a talk.  The talks cover a wide variety of topics, political and non-political.  On this occasion the speaker was the local Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Liberal Democratic Party who outlined his party’s policies.

Mike Pettet, Blagdon Village resident.