March to May at Blagdon Village

Diary posted

15th June 2020

Resident Mike Pettet gives us an update on all that’s been happening at Blagdon Retirement Village from March to May 2020

In common with all the villages, life here at Blagdon Village was carrying on as normal at the beginning of March. We thought that we could continue with our normal social programme but very soon everything was cancelled and we could no longer meet in groups.  We started to think of ourselves as inmates and not residents.  The first concern was being able to eat.

Food Supplies

Local initiatives came to the fore.  Our manager, Clair Crowther, established a pop-up shop in the restaurant offering essential items, plus a few treats.  She has gone ‘above and beyond’ by personally attending to the shopping ever since in order to keep it stocked.  She also mobilised Dave Brigham, our excellent cook, and his waiting staff to prepare and deliver meals to all who wanted them, but only on what would have been normal restaurant opening days.  Dave also prepares ready meals which are put in the Freezer provided by RV for that purpose.  In addition, a local community shop run by local volunteers was opened down the road from the village which many residents make use of if the item they require is not available in our own shop.  On top of all of these projects the local supermarkets deliver, if there are slots available, and our local pub is also delivering meals.  So, we are all eating well.

Nonagenarians and a Centenarian

During these three months two of our residents, Cynthia Richmond and Chris Wallis, reached a milestone –  their 90th birthdays.  Normally they would have been celebrated at our annual Decade Busters Party but as we don’t know if that will be possible this year their immediate neighbours held small ‘landing parties’ for them in their apartment blocks.  Cynthia’s was a genteel afternoon tea whereas Chris’s was an evening do with something a little stronger.  Social distancing was maintained throughout.  We also had a centenarian, Jean Kelman, although she is no longer a resident.  She moved into a local care home nearly two years ago but she has not been forgotten.  It was a shame hat no one was able to visit her on this special day.

VE Day

At the beginning of the year our long term planning included holding a special event to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day.  Unfortunately, this was not to be but we joined with the rest of the nation to observe the two minute silence in the morning and then in the evening, following the Queen’s address, joined in the ‘doorstep singing of We’ll Meet Again.