Busy times for Blagdon Retirement Village in Taunton, Somerset

Diary posted

17th January 2018

Blagdon Retirement Village In Somerset

The festive season may now be over but it has left us with some happy memories.  We have enjoyed a Christmas party, carol singing, Christmas lunch, and a New year’s Eve celebration –  a busy month at Blagdon Village!

Christmas Party

Oh what a night it was!  Last summer we were introduced to a musical duo, Mike on the keyboard and his wife Mandy on tenor sax.  On that occasion they went down very well indeed so we responded to the clamour to have them back.  We also had, for the first time, a “Grand Christmas Draw”.  During the first part of the event those attending availed themselves of the plentiful light snacks, and of course the bar, and attempted to solve some simple puzzles while Mike and Mandy played fairly gentle music.  In the interval that followed, the answers to the puzzles were revealed and the draw was held.  Then the evening warmed up! Mike and Mandy launched into all the energetic music we remember from our younger days, Rock & Roll, Twist etc.  It’s very refreshing to see the floor occupied by residents in their 70s and 80s being very energetic indeed.  It was a rousing end to a superb evening so we will no doubt repeat it all next Christmas.    


A customary event during the Christmas period is an afternoon of carols led by resident Joyce Morgan.  This time we were accompanied on our digital piano by Linda, daughter of resident Judy Skerman, whose playing has revitalised our Singing Group.  It was a very well attended event, with enthusiastic singing throughout.  

Christmas Lunch

Although many residents go away for Christmas, many others choose to stay at home so Christmas lunch is provided for them.  This time 27  residents enjoyed an excellent traditional lunch prepared by Clair, our Village Manager.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve was kept as a low key affair but was still well attended.  There was the usual quiz about events in the preceding 12 months, followed by a visual one which showed photos taken in Taunton of small sections of shop fronts  and prominent buildings.  Prizes were awarded and then lively music by CD was played for anyone who wished to take to the floor.  A lovely end to 2017.