Activities back in full swing at Blagdon

Diary posted

20th March 2017

New Horizon Singers Blagdon Village

All our regular activities are back in full swing and we also had two enjoyable musical events. But the highlight of the month has to be the achievement of a very significant wedding anniversary…

A Platinum Anniversary: 

Jean and Jervis Gee reached their Platinum Anniversary, that’s 70 years of marriage, on the 1st of February and received many cards and other messages congratulating them on this wonderful achievement.

A Musical Swansong:  

During the last few years resident John Kinahan has given us several enjoyable afternoons of musical entertainment from his extensive collection of CDs, mainly from the Big Band era. 

Regrettably, he has made the decision to finish these sessions and so presented his final selection, his swansong. It was very well attended and he received many plaudits for the enjoyment that he has given us.

New Horizon Singers:  

There was more musical entertainment a few days later, provided by the ladies section of a local group, the New Horizon Singers. Two of our residents are members. Their well-received performance covered several different musical genres, which were all very professionally delivered. We are all hoping that they will be able to perform for us again in the future.