A wonderful social September at Blagdon

Diary posted

9th October 2018

Blagdon Retirement Village In Somerset

The routine activities that had taken a break during August started up again so the Social programme became busy again. In addition, there was a talk, a rerun of the Last night of the Proms, a coach outing and a memorable occasion for one couple.


A representative of the Forces charity SSAFA gave a very interesting and informative talk on the invaluable support that the organisation gives each year to over 50,000 serving and retired members of the Armed Forces and their families. Following the talk, the sum of £95 was donated by those residents present.

Last Night of the Proms

The live broadcast of the lively second half of the Last Night of the Proms used to be a regular feature in our calendar but fell out of favour because of its relatively late finish. This year it was reintroduced via BBC iPlayer streamed through our AV system, on a later date but at an earlier time. There was a reasonable attendance, red, white and blue were much in evidence (including one resident’s socks!), the bar was open throughout, and everyone joined in with the singing of the Last Night favourites. It will again be a regular feature.

Coach Outing

There was another of the ever-popular coach outings, this time to a new destination, Weymouth. The weather was good so everyone took advantage of it and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Diamond Wedding

Residents Beryl and Roy Bates celebrated their Diamond Wedding anniversary by inviting all residents to join them in the Clubhouse for tea and cake. There was a selection of different cakes baked by our cook to cater for all tastes. The afternoon concluded with a toast to the happy couple.