A peaceful month and an international boules game

Diary posted

19th August 2015

We were beginning to think that summer had deserted us. Dull days with a fresh breeze meant little outside activity.

On top of that, some of our routine activities were suspended for a few weeks, while people take their holidays. But it was not a complete shut down.

The First Monday talk was a team effort by the boules players, who had gone to our twin town of Lisieux in Normandy where they took on a French team. Once back, they treated us to a picture show of all the activities they had enjoyed there.

The boules itself was disappointing but not unexpected – the French had fielded some of their national players with the inevitable result but it was not a complete whitewash and our team acquitted themselves well. It was an interesting talk, which showed that the weekend had obviously been much enjoyed by those who went.