Being closer to family was the key decision in moving for Evelyn

Moving to Gittisham Hill Park to be closer to her family was the perfect solution for Mrs Evelyn Brighton after her husband passed away.Gittisham

Now she has been living at the village for the past seven years and is only six miles from her son and his family, who come and visit every week.

Evelyn said: “It was so important to me to be near my family after my husband passed away. I wanted to see more of my grandchildren and now that I’m close by they can visit me at the village any time.”

It was her daughter-in-law who first mentioned the village to Evelyn and came along for a personal tour to see if she felt that she would like the lifestyle on offer. At this time, she was already looking at a bungalow in a nearby town and wasn’t familiar with this lifestyle option at all.

Evelyn said: “I’m so pleased that my daughter-in-law came to visit the village. She found out about it whilst looking for local properties for me and I’m so pleased that I decided to come and see it for myself. It’s a wonderful village and it feels very safe and secure.”

She continued: “I did consider moving into town, where I would effectively be surrounded by people, but actually, I felt I would be alone. Here in the village, I have lots of friends and a good support network around me.

Evelyn moved from Hampshire where she had lived with her husband in a large four-bedroom property, and although the move to a one-bedroom bungalow was quite a change, it was such a positive one.

“My bungalow is in a lovely location, close to woodland and I enjoy pretty views across the parkland. It was a big change from my home in Hampshire but I couldn’t be happier – I love the independence my bungalow allows me. And even though I’ve had to stop driving now, there is access to shopping in Honiton and weekly outings using the village mini-bus.”

Evelyn has really taken to village life and is a member of the steering committee, which meets regularly, making positive suggestions for improvements to village life, for the benefit of everyone. She has already set up the village ‘knit and natter’ group and enjoys the social side of village life regularly taking part in the monthly Coffee Morning, and games afternoons including Rummikub.

“The village is very pretty and there are some lovely walks to enjoy in the beautiful grounds. We are very lucky to be in such a wonderful setting, I find it very relaxing and as the gardening and maintenance are taken care of, I really can just enjoy myself,” said Evelyn.

”I would strongly advise people to come and take a look around the village themselves,” she added.