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Gittisham Hill Park

Honiton, Devon

Unfortunately, there are no homes available to rent at Gittisham Hill Park at present.

If you’d like to be added to the waiting list, please contact the sales team on 01392 914 246 or fill out the form below, and someone will be in touch as soon as something becomes available.

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Discover the freedom of renting a retirement home at Gittisham Hill Park, where our comprehensive rental packages encompass a serene heated pool, a wellness suite, and a warm welcome for your pets. These enticing amenities are all part of one convenient monthly rental payment structure that comprehensively covers service charges, ensuring a hassle-free living experience as a renter.

Embrace the full flexibility of renting and find a place to call home, you can even experience a taste of life at Gittisham before committing to renting – spend a night in our guest suite, enabling you to actively participate in community events and fully enjoy the amenities within your chosen retirement community.

Thanks to our Assured Tenancy Agreements, you're invited to stay for as long as you desire, creating a nurturing environment where you can truly live, belong, and thrive during your retirement as a renter. Gittisham Hill Park is your ideal destination for a fulfilling and worry-free retirement rental experience.

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