It will be a special Mother’s day for two Lime Tree residents

Diary posted

7th March 2018

Lime Tree Retirement Village Warwickshire

Val and her mother Maureen are both residents of Lime Tree Village and they are gearing up to celebrate Mother’s day together, in the village.

Living a few doors down from your mother may not be everyone’s cup of tea but Val says the mother daughter bond between her and her mum Maureen has never been better.

“I am glad Mum is here, it is lovely having her so close and I think we’re all agreed that Lime Tree Village has given her a new lease of life. We see each other regularly and have been on several trips together, all organised by a fellow resident. We would have no hesitation in recommending this lifestyle to anyone.”

The pair have have always had a close relationship, according to Maureen, but living in the same retirement village has brought a whole new dynamic. Maureen particularly enjoys extensive family get-togethers at her apartment:

“It makes a difference being round the corner from Val. It’s just so easy to pop round for a cup of tea or a quick chat and it’s things like that which are important. It’s also wonderful when Val and Paddy’s three sons visit with their children too, as we have four generations of the family in the village!”

The pair are looking forward to spending Mother’s Day together at the village, enjoying some tea and cake!