November at Blagdon Village

Diary posted

18th December 2015

The Festive Season Approaches. During November our thoughts were turning towards the festive season.

Our play Reading Group got us into the festive spirit with another of their hilarious productions, this time with the title “Blagdon’s Bungled Christmas”. This was judged to be the best they’ve done and had us all in stitches throughout. As is usual all the players read their lines which adds to the fun, particularly when someone loses their place. We are fortunate in having a superb production team in Rae Donaldson and Pat Gooding who source the scripts, make the costumes, and arrange the minimalist sets. All this in addition to getting the best out of the players.

The following week saw the customary Jewellery Show with a comprehensive range of items made and sold by a very talented local lady. This event is always looked froward to and often solves the problem of what to buy for Christmas.

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