Lockdown Life at Blagdon Village

Diary posted

29th January 2021

In this edition of the resident blog we hear from Mike at Blagdon Village describing life during lockdown and how the staff have supported them during this time.

“Here at Blagdon Village our entire social programme was suspended indefinitely in February but we were able to salvage a few events later in the year. These were the 75th anniversaries of VE and VJ days and, in December, carols around the Christmas tree in front of the Clubhouse. We also held the Christmas Draw but instead of it being during our usual Christmas party it was held ‘in camera’. As for the virus, we were fortunate to have suffered only two cases in the Village, both relatively mild and not needing hospitalisation.

Full credit must be given to the staff who have continued to support us throughout the year. The laundry continued to operate and we still had the weekly cleaning of our properties although rotas were fluid, very much dependent on the occasional need for self-isolation. From the first lockdown a shop with a wide range of essential items was set up in the Clubhouse and the freezer provided by RV was filled with ready meals from our kitchen. Although the restaurant was closed the kitchen remained open on three days of the week to provide lunches at home to any resident wishing to have them. These were delivered by our two young and keen waiting staff.  Their efforts culminated in a full Christmas lunch.

What of 2021?  The rapid spread of the virus mutation is worrying.  The level of risk in our part of Somerset had been relatively low until the mutation arrived in the UK but it is now much higher. We are pinning our hopes on the vaccination programme which is at last starting in Taunton. Whatever happens in the months ahead we can look forward to the delivery of meals continuing, together with the support provided by the other staff. On the social front the only event being planned at present is the Grand National sweepstake. In previous years this has been a social gathering in the Clubhouse with the race streamed on the big screen but this time it will be held ‘in camera’ similar to the Christmas Draw. Beyond that we will just have to wait and see.”