Laundry employee Paul Spender wins Star Award after 10 years of service

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27th November 2018

Paul Spender, Blagdon Village, Retirement VillagesAfter working for over 10 years in the laundry room, Estates Manager Sean Corney, presented Paul Spender with the Star Award.

At Blagdon Retirement Village, in Somerset, Paul collects, washes, irons, returns the washing to the residents and enjoys a friendly chat with the villagers along the way.

After working in admin and deciding it wasn’t quite for him, an unemployment spell lead to the motivation of trying something new. Paul decided to apply to work in the laundry room in 2008 and after enjoying it so much, he hasn’t left since.

Paul explained: “It’s always a little bit different each day, but there’s still a routine which I really enjoy. I love working with the staff and the residents, they’re all so friendly, this is probably why I’ve stayed at Blagdon Village for so long.”

Paul was given the award after being nominated by a mixture of staff and residents, for his excellent service and long-standing dedication to the residents at Blagdon Village.

Upon receiving the award, Paul Spender said: “I was absolutely amazed to find out I won the star award, I really couldn’t believe it, it was just so unexpected.

“It’s a really rewarding job, I know all the facilities, including the laundry service, helps the residents a lot. I love that I can contribute towards a service that residents rely on,” added Paul.

Kerry Richardson, South-West Regional Sales Manager, explained: “It’s great to see hard-working staff receive the recognition they deserve. It’s also wonderful for staff and residents at Blagdon Village to get a chance to show how grateful they are.”

Kerry continued: “The laundry service is a great facility for the residents and they adore staff members keen for a chat too. Congratulations to Paul!”

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