From horse racing to halloween at Blagdon Village

Diary posted

14th November 2018

Blagdon Village

October proved to be relatively busy with two talks, another afternoon of Fun Games, the annual Decade Busters Party – and Halloween.  These events were in addition to the regular activities which are in full swing again with residents now back from their holidays.


The first talk was given by resident Jim Wilson with the subject ‘Islands and Me’.  In it he recounted his experiences of visits to and stays on several islands around the coasts of the British Isles.  He illustrated the talk with a number of his own photos. The second talk was given by horticulturist Christine Skelmersdale, daughter of resident Joyce Morgan, making a welcome return visit.  On this occasion she departed from her normal topic of plants and instead gave a very interesting illustrated travelogue about Kyrgyzstan, its people, its geography and the legacy of having been part part of the old Soviet Union.

Fun Games

We are now holding these fun games indoors on a Saturday afternoon each month.  We have a variety of different games for residents to enjoy including carpet bowls, carpet boules, skittles (small plastic ones) and target putting.  It was a very convivial afternoon.

Decade Busters Party

Each year we hold a party for those residents who have completed another decade in their age.  This time six attended.  We had a simulated hog roast prepared by our excellent cook.  Later we had tea and cake, the birthday cake being cut by the youngest and oldest Decade Busters, 70 and 90 respectively.  This was followed by horse racing from a DVD on the AV system.  That proved to be very popular with a queue to place modest bets with our homegrown ‘bookie’.  The whole event was superbly organised by a very energetic resident, Jim Wilson, seen below parading the ‘hog’.


Residents were encouraged to dress up in appropriate Halloween costume if they wished and make Halloween a good party.  Many responded, the pictures below showing just a few.  They were also invited to ‘Bring and Share’ their choice of snacks with the result that we had a very good spread with much being taken home again when the evening came to an end.  Altogether a very good fun event.