A busy month at Blagdon Village

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16th November 2016

Afternoon of musical memories at Blagdon Village
Autumn Trees Changing ColourAutumn has brought some superb colours to the tree foliage, although we’re not the only part of the country to experience this of course. During October we had two talks by outside speakers, another afternoon of musical memories, a 95th birthday celebration, a revitalised board games afternoon and a Halloween supper and quiz.


The daughter of one of our residents, paying us a welcome return visit, gave the first talk. She is a horticulturist and a tulip expert. Her very professional talk, complete with a great many pictures, was about the development of tulips from their origins to the present day and kept her audience spellbound.

The second talk was from the Regional Legacy Manager in the South West for Cancer Research UK. She gave a fascinating, sombre, and yet optimistic insight into the research being done to find cures for the many different types of cancer and how it is funded.

Musical Memories:

We were delighted to have another afternoon of music presented by John Kinahan from his collection of CDs from the dance band era. This induced sheer nostalgia, accompanied by some discreet foot tapping when appropriate.

Naomi Carton Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration:

Naomi Carton celebrated her 95th birthday with a family party to which she also invited a number of residents and some members of our domestic staff. It was a splendid occasion enjoyed by all, but particularly by this lovely lady, surrounded by her family and friends.

Board Games:

Board games used to be a regular feature in our social calendar but its popularity waned. However, it was revitalised during the month as an afternoon event instead of an evening as previously, attracting a crowd of residents. There were four tables, each bearing a different game, and all were fully occupied. Pam Anderson must be applauded for her efforts in getting this going again.

Halloween Supper & Quiz:

The last Friday of every month is quiz night, which attracts a good proportion of our residents, most of whom dine in our restaurant. As October’s was two days before Halloween residents were invited to dress appropriately, which many did. Some were quite scary!

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