A very busy April

Diary posted

8th May 2014

We know how to enjoy ourselves here at Blagdon Village.  As well as a good selection of routine events we also have one-offs.  April was no exception.

A Grand Grand National!  

As is customary we held a sweepstake for the Grand National.  The bar was open, the big screen was up with the TV coverage streamed live through our laptop and projector, and a “normal” TV was set up in the Garden Room for anyone who wished to watch in relatively quieter surroundings. 

Tickets for horses were triplicated and all were sold meaning an easy sum to divide up the prize money – 3x£25, 3x£10, and 3x£5 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Needless to say, there were some very happy faces at the end – not that anyone was unhappy, we all enjoyed the afternoon!

Mystery and Mayhem

Our Play Reading Group, under the direction of Rae Donaldson and Pat Gooding, had spent several weeks preparing for their first public performance on Friday the 11th of April, which turned out to be a memorable afternoon.  

The chosen play was a comedy mystery, “Inspector Drake and the Black Widow”. All the cast members were suitably costumed and the whole performance produced laugh after laugh.  No one can now be expected to remember their lines so all read their parts – this added to the hilarity.  

To cap it all we were all treated to an ice cream during the interval.  Hopefully, the group will soon be working towards their next performance – perhaps a pantomime during the winter?

St George’s Day

The suitably decorated restaurant was full at lunchtime on St Georges Day for a meal of English roast beef.  During the meal a video assembled by Dudley Price for the occasion was shown which featured appropriate scenes celebrating this special English day. The event finished off with a selection of traditional English music being played. Altogether it was yet another highly enjoyable event.


There was a surprise announcement at the end of the monthly Quiz Night – June Smith and Geoffrey Morton have become engaged!  The fact that they had been “walking out” for some time must be the best kept secret of all time.  

Needless to say, the news was received with great delight by everyone and the happy couple have since been inundated by congratulatory messages of all kinds. We can now look forward to our first village wedding, early next year.

Contribution from resident Michael Pettet