A Summer Round Up at Blagdon Village

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11th October 2019

A summer round up at Blagdon Village

Since the end of May we have had four talks and three more afternoons of Musical Memories.  We also had our Summer Party, a Diamond Wedding celebration, the Last Night of the Proms and the Decade Busters Party.  August was very quiet, with several residents away, and many routine activities were suspended.

Talks.  Three of the talks, all of which were illustrated, were given by residents.  The first, by Simon Yates, was about his time as a contract officer working with the Omani army.  We came away from that one with the heat of the sun on us and sand between our toes!  The second, by Judy Skerman, was a complete contrast.  It was about a cruise to Antarctica so instead of endless sand in the pictures it was endless snow!  The wildlife was also somewhat different.  The third, by Mike Pettet, was about Loch Etive in Argyll which is comparatively unknown by most visitors.  The fourth talk was by an outside speaker from local charity Open Door which provides support to the homeless.  Needless to say, a creditable sum of money was donated by residents.

Musical Memories.  Musical Memories has become a regular feature on our Social Calendar.  Four or five residents take it in turns each month to present their choice of music to fellow residents.  Each individual programme features different genres of music and different musical instruments interlinked with the background to each piece or descriptions of why each piece holds particular memories for each presenter.

Summer Party.  Normally this event is regarded as the highlight of the summer but this time it was a bit of a damp squib, literally.  In previous years we have always enjoyed hot sunny weather, in fact last year it was too hot.  This year the weather was against us so it had to be held indoors, a far cry from a Garden Party.  We made the most of it but it wasn’t the same, by any means.  We’re hoping that next year we will have decent weather again.

Diamond Wedding Celebration.  In September, Pauline and Mike Pettet invited residents, their “second family’, to help them to celebrate their Diamond wedding Anniversary with tea and cake.  The turnout was excellent and the happy couple felt overwhelmed with all the cards and good wishes that they received.

Last Night of the Proms.  We have recently had installed a Freesat box as an integral part of our AV system.  This will enable us easily to stream live TV and to make use of the catch up facility.

So this year we held the second half of the Last Night of the Proms on the following Saturday and at an earlier time than the live broadcast.  Unfortunately, not many residents attended, possibly

because it coincided with the first night of Strictly Come Dancing on live TV but we more than made up for the low numbers when we joined in with the singing.

Decade Busters Party.  Each year, starting in 2009, we have held a party to honour all those residents who have added a zero to their ages by completing another decade in their lives.  This  year there was a record number of 17, of whom 16 were able to attend.  It’s a sobering observation that 9 of the 17 were 90.  A toast was drunk, each decade buster received an individual special card, and all present enjoyed the cakes provided by our excellent cook.