Gittisham Hill House, Devon

Gittisham Care Home

Care services at Gittisham Hill Park

The village has a 38 bed care home, Gittisham Hill House, providing primarily dementia, residential and nursing care. Care services at Gittisham Hill House are delivered by our care partners.

Gittisham Hill House offers an extremely high level of care and comforting environment for residents suffering from Dementia, enabling them to live well and enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle.

Residents of the village may choose to live independently in one of the village’s high specification bungalows while their spouse can receive dementia care and support, or respite care, in the care home. Please note places in the care home are subject to availability.  It can provide the best of both worlds and peace of mind for families.

The key objective, as in all care homes, is to create a ‘home from home’ atmosphere with residents enjoying peace of mind in a comfortable, caring yet sociable and friendly environment.

The Care Home is overseen by an experienced manager who, along with a number of her staff, has worked at Gittisham Hill House for many years. That local knowledge and continuity of care and service is highly valued by all residents.

The care homes are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Emergency Care

In each property there is an emergency call alarm system which is answered by a call centre in Exeter, who triage the call and ensure that appropriate services, or a nominated person/family member are called for the individual.  This is paid for through the Service Charge.

Domiciliary Care – Helping you remain independent in your own home at Gittisham Hill Park

Sometimes, simple domestic chores can feel overwhelming and just a little helping hand on a regular basis can make all the difference, whether that is making or changing a bed, doing laundry, washing up, domestic cleaning, general housework, or shopping.

For those who wish to remain independent in their own property, Residents can arrange domiciliary care should it be required for additional peace of mind with our care partners or other local providers.  Places are subject to availability.