Charters Village in February?

Diary posted

27th February 2017

There was plenty going on at Charters this month as resident Keith Richardson, Honorary Secretary of the community’s Residents Association, explains:

Eamonn’s magic evening:

We gathered, with the usual anticipation, to see what magician Eamonn had in store for us this time! We were not disappointed as he weaved his mysterious web of words and amazed us by correctly foretelling the outcomes.

Thank you, Eamonn, for giving us another really entertaining evening – and we’re still left wondering how you did it! The evening extended happily into refreshments and wine for which we thank those responsible for the organisation (i.e. Dorothy and Co – not to mention our new bar stewards).

Jane Haskins’ 70th birthday:

It was a surprise to many of us when we turned up at the coffee morning on 22 February to find glasses of prosecco and a delicious birthday cake being served as Jane celebrated her 70th birthday. Congratulations and thank you, Jane.

Tony Carlton’s 80th birthday:

We all thoroughly enjoyed the fish and chip supper, ice cream and wine – not to mention the great flagon of beer. Afterwards we gathered in the lounge for coffee and chocolates. It was a lovely social occasion and we owe Renate and Tony a huge thank you for their generosity.