Pancake racing and Waitangi Day – the fun continues at Thamesfield, in Henley

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18th March 2019

Thamesfield, Henley On Thames, Retirement Villages

As per usual, Thamesfield hasn’t been shying away from an activity or two! This time retirees have been getting involved in pancake-related sports and they even learned a New Zealand dance.

Thamesfield, Henley On Thames, Retirement VillagesPancake Sports

Thamesfield Village kept things far from ordinary this Shrove Tuesday, whilst they enjoyed eating pancakes – they ran with them too!

The lawn alongside the River Thames was turned into a make-shift pancake race course. But participants made sure they tactically discussed race-winning tips ahead of the race – mostly revolving around which size of frying pan to use. Residents were on standby to cheer and witness the village’s inaugural pancake race.

The village’s well-being co-ordinator Valerie Johnson said: “Markers were placed along the lawn where staff had to stop and toss their pancakes and there was a referee at the end to make sure that everyone crossed the line before they ran back.

After the count of three they were off, there were lots of screams from the staff as they ran along the course and cheers from the residents who came out to watch.

The winner was Karina, clinical lead of the Nursing Home, who was presented with a bottle of bubbly, it was so much fun that we will be making it an annual event.”

Waitangi Day

Waitangi Day is a National Holiday in New Zealand and it celebrates the signing of the treaty between the British and the Maori.

Residents celebrated by having a themed lunch, a talk about New Zealand and they even learned a ceremonial dance – the Haka.

The lunch was well-attended and absolutely delicious – it included the traditional New Zealand Lamb Shank and a gorgeous Pavlova, finished off by Hoky Poky Ice Cream.