Liz Patterson, Elmbridge Village

Liz Patterson

Liz Patterson loves Elmbridge Village’s social life.

By her own admission, Liz Patterson is a very chatty and sociable person so buying a property at Elmbridge Village in Surrey was pretty much the perfect move for the former primary school teacher.

The move, in summer 2013, saw Mrs Patterson up sticks and leave behind her three bedroom Northumberland home overlooking acres of rolling countryside for a two bedroom apartment on Forest Walk, Elmbridge Village.

As the name suggests, Forest Walk is adjacent to trees on the edge of the village and so Mrs Patterson got to retain her affinity with the outdoors, keeping a rural outlook, albeit not quite on the dramatic scale of the Northumbrian skylines.

“I know and like Cranleigh, I went to boarding school here many, many years ago,” explained the 79-year-old grandmother, who now drives into Cranleigh town centre every week.

“My family live nearby which was the key reason to move to this part of the UK. The reason I chose this above other Surrey retirement villages? Well, I love the village lay out and the fact it is pretty much a self-sufficient village with lots of its own facilities. And I have to say, the gardens are truly wonderful.”

Another big plus for Mrs Patterson is the social scene.

“It is a very sociable place to live. But this isn’t forced or manufactured, it just seems to happen very naturally which makes it all the better,” she explained.

“For me, it’s perfect. I wanted to live in a location where I had my own space but could also meet people and have a chat, that’s just the kind of person I am. I like friendly people, and a village that has a social life, where you can stop and talk to anyone in the street or in the village restaurant or even at the bar is just ideal,” Mrs Patterson explained.

“I have a very positive outlook on life and this is a very positive place to be. Anyone who lives here can’t help but get plenty out of village life if they want to.”

“I’m a newcomer still but I like the fact that people who have been here for many, many years still tell me how much they love the village. That says a lot to me.”

“If you want my honest view of the village I can’t stop without mentioning the staff. The fact they are here if you need them provides me with so much peace of mind. Although I live alone I do feel as though they are a support system, as and when I might need them. On top of that, they are all brilliant, I don’t know where the company found them but they are superb.”