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We're on the hunt for new urban sites.

Having pioneered the concept of retirement communities in the UK, we continue to lead the way.

Our new focus is on bringing our community and wellbeing approach into the heart of existing communities. We’re creating a new later living environment where our customers can enjoy all the benefits of community life but in locations close to existing centres and amenities with transport, shops and a variety of leisure and recreational facilities all within a short walking distance.

We’ll continue to build on and enhance our current portfolio of estate locations but are looking to add more sites both in town and suburban locations through development or forward funded acquisitions. Our intention is to offer more choice, flexibility and increased options for customer services and range of tenures.

We are targeting sites of around 1.5 to 5 acres, which are capable of providing a range of between 100 to 200 units. Larger schemes should be capable of being phased. For suburban schemes the size of the site should increase to around 5 t10 acres but with a similar unit number provision. With all our schemes we will look to deliver on-site amenities not just for our own customer but for the wider community.

We are looking for stand-alone, mixed-use and partnership opportunities and will acquire sites with 100% equity.

We consider our schemes to be complimentary to conventional residential schemes and we can be an excellent partner within larger masterplan projects

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Or download our site requirements below

RVG Site Requirements
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