Frances El-Housami, Charters Village

For Frances, security and loved ones were the main factors that influenced her move to Charters Village.

Frances Charters Village featureHaving recently celebrated her 70th birthday, Frances moved to Charters after her friend Molly, an existing resident at Charters Village, strongly recommended it to her.

Frances, originally from Scotland moved to Geneva in 1973 for a three-month temporary job. It was there that she met her husband Riad and they had a son together. Frances ended up spending a lot longer in Geneva than she had originally planned, living a glorious life there for 43 years. 

Unfortunately Frances’s husband passed away 12 years ago and after a distressing incident where her home was broken into,  Frances decided to move back to the UK in November 2016 to be nearer her son living in London.

“I really missed my son but I also wanted to make the move so as I could remain independent.  I wanted an easy to manage property that was in a peaceful location and secure. Likewise I wanted an opportunity to make new friends and not be reliant on friends and family in the future.”

Frances originally visited Charters Village when visiting her friend Molly, an existing resident. Whilst she loved the village, Frances was keen to return to her birthplace in Scotland to continue her retirement.

“I found what I though was the perfect apartment in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, quickly after moving in, I realised I had made the wrong decision. My son realised I was unhappy and called Charters to ask if they had any available properties. He called me immediately to let me know there was an available property and we were both thrilled!”

“Molly spoke very highly of the village and I could see she was so very happy here so it was an easy move for me to make the second time around.”

Frances now regularly enjoys holding dinner parties in her flat, attending the gym, visiting her son in London and visiting friends abroad. She is also looking to take up a course at the University of East of Anglia in September. 

And Frances now takes regular trips to see her son in London, taking advantage of the fantastic transport links available from Charters Village, reaching her son in London in approximately an hour by car. Gatwick airport is also only a 20-minute drive from the village, very handy for Frances’s overseas travel.

“My main advice to anyone considering a move to a retirement village is to make a conscious decision to do it early in your retirement, I live such an active lifestyle here but without the stress or worries of everyday life. There is a wonderful community feel here, it is peaceful and secure and if you need help, it is available”