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Charters village has produced its first batch of honey jars.

It has been a thrilling experience for members of the community to witness the entire honey production cycle. The bees were recently installed in July with expected harvest right in time for spring. The excited bees however produced way earlier than expected.

David, the resident beekeeper, talked us through the harvest process. 

‘Within a couple of months, 11 bee frames were filled. We took the wax off the frames using a knife and got an extractor to complete the extraction process. The honey was then filtered overnight, placed in jars for storage and labelled. We recorded a total of 28 honey jars!

According to Nigel, the village manager, 'it is exciting to witness residents champion sustainable living through the purchase of village grown honey. The presence of the bees has also improved the plant life cycle within the village. It's just been an exceptional year for the bees in the Southeast!
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