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The residents at Charters Village enjoyed a tuneful afternoon when The Wrinklies Ukulele band came to give a performance in the main clubhouse.

The Wrinklies Ukulele Band is a group of musicians based in and around East Grinstead performing well-known classic tunes on the Ukulele. The band is unique in that the members are all over 55, hence naming themselves “The Wrinklies”.

It is well-known music can raise the spirits and provides a great opportunity to get people together. Residents enjoyed a 2-hour performance of songs, including a number of classics. The atmosphere was jovial; some residents even got up and danced during the performance.

Nigel Walters, Village Manager, commented,

Community events like this one really bring all the residents together. It was a lovely, lively afternoon for everyone, with music echoing in the halls.
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