Alan and Carol Murray, Lime Tree Village near Rugby

Living and loving your retirement

Alan and Carol Murray, Lime Tree Retirement Village near Rugby

Alan and Carol Murray, a retired couple from Feltham, Middlesex, with a real lust for life, chose Lime Tree Village in Dunchurch near Rugby as their new home.

Following their move in October 2017 Alan said: “We know more people around us now than we did in the last ten years! Everyone is keen to talk and it’s talking that keeps your grey matter working. We really feel part of the community here.”

The couple had previously lived in the same house for the last 41 years where they had been very happy; with lovely neighbours who gave their street a real community feel. However, in recent years their close friends had moved away changing the feel of the neighbourhood, which also made them feel slightly isolated. It was this change that prompted the Murray’s to think about their future and exactly where and how they wanted to live.

The importance of research

The decision to move wasn’t taken lightly and over the course of a year the couple carried out a lot of research, looking at a variety of locations and retirement property providers, before deciding on Lime Tree Village.

“We came to an open day and also took advantage of the ‘Try Before You Buy’* facility at Lime Tree Village which was just brilliant. Taking the time to talk to other residents was really valuable and helped us to get an idea of costs, so there wouldn’t be any surprises. We got lots of information on the local area and what goes on within the village,” explained Carol.

“We decided on our budget and looked at properties in the South of England to begin with but found that many didn’t have the right feel. We wanted to be with like-minded people who aren’t ready to give up on life just yet!”

A fantastic location

Alan and Carol hadn’t thought about Rugby as their retirement location, but after visiting and discovering the fantastic central position of the village within the UK, they knew it was the perfect place.

Alan said: “We didn’t realise that Rugby was so centrally located and has great access to both Birmingham City Airport and East Midland Airport, which is great for us as we also have a place in Spain. Additionally we don’t need to worry about finding someone to look after the house whilst we’re away, as it’s looked after by the village.”

The Murrays found reassurance at Lime Tree Village from the on site nurse who will offer advice to residents should they require it and who will liaise with GP’s, families and others where appropriate. Alan found this facility invaluable when he felt unwell after returning from a weekend away and wanted some advice on who to contact.

“It was very reassuring to know that help is there if it’s needed. I got information quickly which meant I was able to obtain the treatment I needed to recover faster. The nurse even popped back in a few days later to check up on me!” said Alan.

Enjoying the carefree retirement lifestyle

Alan, a retired engineer and business owner and Carol, a retired personnel assistant, are a very social and active couple who were looking for a different way of life, which they have certainly found at this Rugby retirement village.

“We have found the perfect property in a wonderful location and the things we thought we would miss from Feltham, we haven’t really at all. We did have a 150ft garden, which we enjoyed but was becoming a bit of a chore. Here at our new home we have wonderful communal gardens to enjoy but without any of the hard work!” said Alan.

Carol added: “There are many clubs and activities to take part in if you want to get involved but it’s entirely up to you, no-one is pushy at all. You can be as independent as you want to be, which is really important to us.”

Alan has brought his two lovingly restored classic motorbikes with him which he keeps in one of the garages available to lease at the village and is looking forward to riding them around the countryside in the summer months and Carol, a keen photographer, is looking forward to taking pictures of the bluebells in the woodland walk located within the village.

Inviting friends and family to experience village life

The couple have invited friends and family to come and experience life at Lime Tree Village for themselves, many of whom were quite sceptical of their move.

“Our friends thought it was laughable that we were moving to a retirement village, but that’s because they have entirely the wrong perception. Everyone who has visited us has actually said ‘wow’ and been very pleasantly surprised. Carol’s aunt is so impressed she’s coming to do a ‘try before you buy’ herself.”

Alan continued: “Lime Tree Village has given us more than we could have hoped for. It’s like being at a Warner’s resort, absolute paradise. It really is a fantastic place to live and the properties are lovely, I would highly recommend it.”

*Our ‘Try Before You Buy’ scheme offers you a complimentary overnight stay in your preferred village, allowing you to experience village living firsthand.