Cedars residents participate in community scarecrow trail

Diary posted

11th October 2016

Scarecrow-trail-02-contentChorleywood recently had its first scarecrow trail. This is where members of a community and local businesses make scarecrows and display them around a town with clues. People follow the scarecrow trail and solve riddles using the clues. At the end they vote for the best scarecrow, which wins a prize for whoever made it.

In Chorleywood there were a total of 51 entrants who dreamed up straw contenders of all shapes and sizes.

Cedars Village residents created Cederic Scarecrow (pictured). There was also a reverend scarecrow, barista, clumsy waitress, hairdresser, artist, a lady in waiting, a Common Ranger, scouts, Betty Boop, Jack and Jill, Alice in Wonderland, Andy Pandy, school children scarecrows, some celebrity sportsmen, pop stars and many more.

Residents of Chorleywood followed the trail and voted for their favourite scarecrows. The winner is to be announced in November.