The Sunday Times say Totnes is one of the best places to live in the UK 2018

Diary posted

1st May 2018

Royal Seven Stars Hotel, Totnes, The Priory Retirement Village, Devon

Totnes – a huge favourite with residents at The Priory – has just been named one of the best places to live in the UK by the Sunday Times.

Popular with many residents, the village mini bus is always full on the monthly trip to the town. As The Sunday Times confirms, Totnes is brimming with independent shops and art galleries, charming cafes and unique live music venues.

The Priory’s village manager Shirley Buckley said: “I highly recommend Totnes. It’s a wonderfully unique town, full of culture with boutique shops, cafes and a fantastic little cinema, which has recently been refurbished and shows art-house films along with some old classics.”

Shirley recently met a village resident at the cinema, which dates back to 1946, to watch a showing of Chocolat.

Shirley continued: “If you visit the cinema in the morning you can have coffee and cake, and if you go in the evening, you can have wine and gelato! It’s a pleasure to visit and we are so fortunate to have the cinema and the wonderful diversity that Totnes offers, on our doorstep.”

Totnes is just 6 miles away from The Priory, which makes it a great town to visit and enjoy on a regular basis.