Nigel prepares to ‘Brave the Shave’

Diary posted

25th September 2018

Nigel Walter, Charters VillageCharters Village manager Nigel Walter is preparing to ‘Brave the Shave’ this October to raise £300 for Macmillan.

Following his own personal experience with cancer back in 2016, where thanks to an early diagnosis and excellent treatment through the NHS, Nigel is back to good health, he is looking to take this opportunity to help others.

Nigel will succumb to the razor on Thursday 11th October, where his sister Nicola Underwood will perform the shave. We’re not too worried, Nicola is a qualified root and hair technician lecturer at the local college of further education, so he’s in safe hands!

If you would like to help Nigel reach his fundraising goal you can donate by clicking on the link below: