Charters is in the news again

Diary posted

29th January 2018

Charters Retirement Village in West Sussex

Charters Village has been hitting the headlines – for all the right reasons!

At the weekend the Mail on Sunday featured two of our residents in a property article about retirement living. Read all about it here.

Mollie Lufkin and Frances El-Houssami both relocated back to the UK from their respective homes in Geneva and both chose Charters as their retirement destination.

Here is an excerpt from the editorial which explains more of their combined story which we thought people might find of interest:

‘…..Mollie and Frances became friends more than 500 miles away in the Swiss city of Geneva. Even though both Mollie and Frances are from Britain, it was there that they raised their families with their husbands, enjoying all that the international city at the foot of the Alps has to offer.

When each of their husbands died, Mollie Lufkin and Frances El Housami found themselves alone, with their children having built their own lives back in Britain. But they found a way to keep their close friendship strong – and also be near their children – by buying homes in the same Sussex retirement village.

It was Mollie, 75, who moved into Charters Village first, something she describes as a ‘major life change – I didn’t just move house. I downsized, I left all my friends and I moved country. And I moved to the UK, where I hadn’t lived for 47 years.’

Mollie had moved to Geneva in 1969 with three young children and her husband Frank. As for Frances, she had gone to Geneva for a three-month temporary job in 1973 and ended up staying 43 years, as it was there she met her husband Riad, and they had a son.

Mollie knew about American retirement villages and liked the lifestyle on offer but when Mollie told her friends in Geneva that she wanted to live in such a place in Britain to be near her children they were ‘absolutely horrified’, she says.

“They said: ‘You’re too young, you’re going to get old’. And two of my sons said that! But, without exception, they’ve all changed their ideas since I’ve been here. It’s not a question of getting old here; it’s just such fun here.”

Mollie’s enthusiasm for the place rubbed off on Frances, 70, and she also moved in. The well-travelled friends say they now have the best of both worlds – the way the village is run means that they have a ready-made social life when they are there but also the confidence to leave their homes for periods of time. They both headed back to Geneva recently for a friend’s birthday party.

“I wanted an easy-to-manage property that was in a peaceful location and secure,’ Frances says. ‘Likewise I wanted an opportunity to make new friends and not be reliant on friends and family in the future.”

She adds: “There is a wonderful community feel here, it is peaceful and secure and if you need help, it is available.”

New-build one-bedroom apartments at Charters Village, which is near East Grinstead and is a Retirement Villages development, start from £380,000…