A little black magic at Avonpark!

Diary posted

1st November 2019

They say Halloween can be a bit scary but for a little black cat in Wiltshire, it was a very lucky day!

Residents at Avonpark Village have been looking after a stray black cat, who they named George, for the last few years. He has been well fed and loved by all the residents and staff who have enjoyed seeing him about the village grounds.

When ‘George’ recently developed a limp, the concerned village staff decided to take him to the local vet, where they discovered he had a microchip.

Little did they know he belonged to a family who had moved to Bradford-on-Avon six years ago! The cat had escaped not long after the move and despite a vigorous search, he couldn’t be found.

Clyde – his real name – was reunited with his family which includes his sister Bonnie, who were all thrilled to have him back this Halloween.

You can read more about Clyde and the story on the BBC website here.

We will excuse the BBC calling our retirement village an ‘old people’s home’ but are delighted to see they picked up on our great reunion story this week!