The Screech Owl Sanctuary visits Roseland Parc

Diary posted

17th September 2018

Roseland Parc Open Day

On Thursday 13th September residents received a visit from the Screech Owl Sanctuary who brought some of their beautiful owls to the village. A lovely man called Kay brought along three owls; a tawny owl called Honey, a barn owl called Baden Powell (named by a scout group) and Tiggy a Portuguese owl. The residents were told all about their upbringing, how they came to be at the sanctuary and got to stroke the owls individually.

The talk was very informative and some residents will be visiting the sanctuary next month with the view to getting an annual pass so they can go as many times as they like! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and wish for the sanctuary to visit again.

Resident Julie Buckley said: “That’s the best afternoon I have had in a long time. It was wonderful that we were allowed to stroke the owls and the gentleman giving the talk was extremely knowledgeable and clearly adored the owls. ”