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Meet John and David

John and David call Castle Village their home, nestled in the picturesque market town of Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. This vibrant community offers breath taking views of the valley and town below, mirroring the charm and character of its residents. 

David moved to Castle Village 21 years ago, and since then, he's come to believe that when you join a retirement community, you're not just purchasing a property; you're investing in a vibrant lifestyle teeming with warmth and friendship, it is so much more than just bricks and mortar. 

Friendship, snooker, and summer celebrations

In every community, the amenities are uniquely crafted to cater to the needs of its residents. Here at Castle Village, the main clubhouse boasts a full-sized snooker table, where David often finds himself engaged in lively games with his friends while sipping on a good merlot.  

Reflecting on his time at Castle village, he shares ‘I came as a younger man and even though I’m older now there’s plenty I’m still involved with and lots to enjoy.’ 

John is a close friend of David's, their friendship spans over nearly two decades of enjoying community coffee mornings and clubs, but it's the games of snooker that light up their days. When they're not aiming for the perfect break, they enjoy the scenic walking routes in and about Castle village. 

Every summer the residents organise the beloved ‘marquee week’. This special event brings the entire community together. From lively local produce markets to antique hunting, each day brings something new to enjoy. And as the week concludes, residents gather for a grand gala dinner, celebrating the sense of community that makes Castle village feel like home. 

There are probably 16 different things going on every week to join in with, but it’s the people that make it so special.

Good friends, David and John agree that moving to Castle Village has made their retirement special. It's given them the chance to make new friends, try out different activities, and really enjoy the extra time that retirement brings. They believe retirement should be about doing what you love, on your own terms. 


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