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Meet Pru and The Quiet Creators

Welcome to Castle Village, where we caught up with Pru Wescombe. She moved to Castle village in her late 60s, following the loss of her husband. Initially introduced to Castle Village while it was still under construction, Pru was captivated by the promise of a tranquil countryside retreat.  

Finding home amidst nature

Pru recalls the moment she first became aware of Castle Village, after seeing an advert in The Telegraph. Although initially hesitant due to her husband's poor health, Peru’s fondness for the beautiful surroundings and charming cottages remained. After her husband's passing, Pru revisited Castle Village and discovered her perfect home—a cosy cottage nestled amidst the rolling countryside. Reflecting on her decision, Pru shares, "I'd always wanted a cottage in the country, surrounded by countryside and woodland. It's completely perfect for me." With Ashridge Forest just a stone's throw away, Castle Village offers residents an abundance of outdoor activities, from leisurely strolls to wildlife spotting and al fresco dining.  



Art, nature, and community: Life at Castle Village

Pru's true passion is for art. Having studied fine art in her late 50s, Pru found fulfilment in expressing herself through watercolour. She soon became the heart of the community's art class running her afternoon session in the conservatory, a light and bright room in the mansion house. 

As Pru puts it, "It's a group of people who like doing art; you don’t have to be an artist to come. If someone gets stuck with their picture, we discuss ways that they could go forward and how to improve it. It’s a place for everyone to join in; some people even bring colouring books; everyone is welcome."  

For Pru, Castle Village is about the people. The vibrant community spirit runs through every aspect of daily life, from nature spotting and relaxing in the grounds to clubs and shared meals and conversations over coffee. 

In Castle Village, every day unfolds with the promise of adventure and discovery. Whether you're looking for a bustling social scene or quiet moments of creativity.


Don't be frightened to do new and different things... You'll be surprised at how much you might enjoy it.

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