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Meet the friendship makers

Moving into a retirement community is a big step toward keeping an active and independent retirement lifestyle. Making new friends later in life can be tough, especially if you're on your own or moving closer to family. But our communities prove that idea wrong! In our lively spaces, people form meaningful connections that make life richer in so many ways.

The friendly atmosphere you feel when you move into a retirement community is just the start. With plenty of events and activities, you'll quickly find things you enjoy and people to share them with. Whether it's a fun game of lawn bowling or a relaxed knitting session, there's something for everyone.

You make friends very quickly; there's about 40 or 50 of us who go to everything

Conversations and connections in our communities

In our diverse communities, made up of people from all walks of life, every conversation is interesting. Whether you're chatting at a clubhouse coffee morning or joining in a lively debate, you'll always learn something new.

As our communities grow, new faces join us all the time. The Residents' Association at each community makes sure everyone feels welcome and valued.

Mary, a much-loved resident at Elmbridge Village, agrees:

"Everyone always says I’m so and so who are you, they always introduce themselves, so you're always meeting new people to have fun with."

Retirement freedom in our secure communities

Clubs and activities aren’t just tied into the village and clubhouse either. Many of our community’s residents, embrace their independence and venture out together too. There are walking clubs and social trips to sightseeing spots nearby, or shopping excursions.

It’s all there for the taking, some residents have even taken trips abroad together! With the lock-up and leave nature of our properties, you can travel and venture off wherever and whenever you want, safe in the knowledge your property is secure and looked after until you decide to return.


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