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Meet Hazel and Dinah

These two fabulous ladies call Elmbridge Village home, where lively community living meets an abundance of activities, a busy social scene, and a love for gardening that blooms alongside this friendship.  

Dinah's decision to move to Elmbridge was influenced by her parents' experience. She was determined to have the opportunity to create a fulfilling retirement for herself, surrounded by like-minded individuals. For Dinah, Elmbridge isn't just a place to live; it's also somewhere she can enjoy life to the fullest, tending to her cherished allotment and making friendships along the way. Her loved ones also feel safe in the knowledge that she has support available if she needs it. 

"I did a great thing for them (my children). They know I'm safe and protected now; it's a great comfort to me."

Finding comfort and community at Elmbridge Village

Similarly, Hazel found comfort and companionship in Elmbridge after returning to the UK from France, following the passing of her husband. Wanting to be near her children, she was drawn by the prospect of a sociable environment and the reassurance of support services, knowing Elmbridge was the perfect fit. Hazel also particularly enjoys the gardening space provided by the community, the gardening parties, teamwork, and vibrant social life. She tells us , "Elmbridge Village offers a variety of support for its residents." 

At Elmbridge, residents enjoy a lifestyle of independence and activity, with support services readily available. From a dedicated village management team to amenities such as a laundry service and grounds maintenance, residents can focus on what truly matters to them. And there’s much to do at Elmbridge with its hair salon, volunteer-run village shop, games lawn and meadow.  

And while Elmbridge offers a vibrant array of activities and amenities within its grounds, residents also have easy access to the wider community of Cranleigh, thanks to a regular bus service. Elmbridge is more than just a home to its residents—it's a place for those seeking a fulfilling and active retirement. 

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