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Nature as a way of life

Step into a world where the embrace of nature is more than just a concept; it's a way of life. We invite you to explore the beauty of our communities, from secret gardens lit by gentle festoon lights to open fields and meadows, where the soft rustle of leaves accompanies birdsong and tranquil hoots of owls, all to enjoy alone or with friends.

Whether you enjoy raking leaves in the crisp autumn air or would rather leave the chores to our maintenance team while you enjoy a spot of gardening, the decision is entirely up to you. We recognise the significant advantages of spending time outdoors for your mental and physical health. That's why we provide a variety of outdoor activities tailored to suit your individual preferences. 

Plenty of opportunity to reconnect with nature

Also central to our ethos is a commitment to sustainable living, our pioneering sustainability strategy sets the standard in the later living sector, ensuring that those who revel in the outdoors feel truly at home. From birdwatching to leisurely strolls and cultivating vegetable patches in our allotments, there's plenty of opportunity to reconnect with nature.

For Dinah, a familiar face in the Elmbridge Village allotment, it's the earth beneath her fingernails that brings a sense of belonging. "The allotment makes Elmbridge for me," she shares. "I love to get my fingers in the soil." Dinah talks about her blossoming allotments and friendship with Hazel, here.  

Cultivating wildlife-friendly spaces across our communities

Our meticulously curated gardens and grounds are designed to nurture wildlife, thanks to the tireless efforts of our dedicated grounds team. Across many of our communities, initiatives like ‘No Mow May’ among other sustainable programs are in place to support a diverse array of wildlife. The popularity of our wildlife photography competition underscores the shared passion for preserving and celebrating the natural world that flourishes within our communities. 

In select locations such as Gittisham Hill Park, Castle Village, and Charters Village, our commitment to sustainability extends to housing thriving beehives, The honey produced by our beehives is a hit among residents and chefs, it is used in our kitchens, adding a special floral flavour to dishes like the famous honey cake made by our chef in Gradwell Park. The lavender gardens there give the honey a distinctively fragrant touch. 

If the call of nature speaks to you or a loved one, we extend a warm invitation to experience the harmonious blend of community and wilderness first hand. Our open days, offer a glimpse into life within our communities, where you can mingle with potential neighbours, explore available properties, and soak up our vibrant community spirit. 


Come and explore

Come and explore a lifestyle where nature isn't just appreciated but fully integrated into everyday life. We're confident you'll feel at home with us, where each day brings fresh opportunities to enjoy outdoor adventures. 

To learn more about the varied activities we offer in our communities, read more below about our Great Communities, Amazing Lives campaign.  

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