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Meet Angela and James

Angela and James have discovered their own little piece of happiness right here in our Castle Village community, nestled on the outskirts of Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. Inspired by the charm of Angela's favourite TV programme, "Escape to the Country," they bravely said goodbye to the hustle and bustle of living around London. Looking for a peaceful retreat to shape their retirement, they found exactly what they were looking for in Castle Village. 

Where community and love flourish

For quite some time now, this special community has been their cosy home. Their fondness for Castle Village was wonderfully displayed when they celebrated their marriage with a wedding reception in the lovely surroundings of Castle Village in 2021. 

The couple love to travel, and their home at Castle Village has made it easy for them to live the carefree lifestyle they've always wanted. With the assurance of security measures from the community’s ‘lock up and leave’ offering, they can travel with peace of mind, confident that their home will be safe while they are away. This allows them to fully enjoy their adventures, discovering new destinations and making lasting memories without any worries about the security of their property. They particularly enjoy going on cruises and recently spent six wonderful weeks exploring Australia and New Zealand. 

In addition to enjoying adventures together, Angela and James also value  travelling alone and pursuing their individual interests. James, who is passionate about tango dancing, has travelled to various destinations with his hobby. Similarly, Angela occasionally enjoys girls' holidays with friends she has made in Castle Village. 

There’s a tremendous community here and lots of companionship, we’ve made all sorts of friends.

The couple both felt they didn't want to retire in a place where they would feel isolated. They wanted a lifestyle filled with connections and a sense of belonging. Angela's daughter discovered Castle Village and suggested they had a look. The warm community atmosphere they found there was what ultimately convinced them to move. 

With friendly neighbours all around, they knew there would always be someone to talk to and activities to join in. Having Angela's daughter nearby was an added comfort. Angela shares:

‘People look out for each other and it's so special to be part of a community that does that. I feel it has been a life changing move for us.’

Castle Village: A place to call home

Castle Village offers a wide selection of apartments, houses, and bungalows for older people to call home and make their own, plus you can buy or rent properties, so there's plenty of flexibility. At the centre of the community, you’ll find the mansion house, that forms the clubhouse and hub for residents. Within the mansion, there’s a library and ballroom where clubs take place, alongside a restaurant and beautiful conservatory with a terrace to sit out and enjoy the surrounding grounds. It’s easy to see why the couple enjoy living here so much. 

Castle Village holds open days throughout the year, so if you’re thinking about a move for you or a loved one, come and find out more. The team will be happy to show you around so you can explore the facilities for yourself. 

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