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For many of us retiring to a picturesque and rural haven is the dream – an idyllic life spent soaking up stunning views sprawling green acres and wild woodland or breathing in fresh coastal air whilst admiring blue horizons.  For others, it’s the opposite, a chance to enjoy a new found freedom and independence free from work commitments.

Often the plan to retire presents a timely opportunity to consider relocating – maybe somewhere new or moving in to our out of towns/cities. Interestingly, leading online property website, Rightmove, reports that there’s been a 126% increase in enquires to relocate from major cities into rural villages during the pandemic in a bid to enjoy more space, get more for your money or simply to escape the hustle and bustle.

Choosing to relocate in retirement is a big decision, and you may not be sure where the best place to retire is yet. You may have lived in your current area for many years, have a well-established network and may be feeling unsure about starting over in a new place. Many of us aren’t ready (or willing) to slow down at retirement age so where the appeal of the views and openness of the countryside are one thing, the quiet and sleepy pace of life may not be such a pull.

“It was so important to me to be near my family after my husband passed away. I wanted to see more of my grandchildren and now that I’m close by they can visit me at the village any time.” Evelyn, Gittisham Hill Park resident.

More about Gittisham Hill Park

Perhaps you’re looking to make a move to be closer to loved ones, or simply looking to wake up to a new view each morning. Whatever your motivation, choosing to relocate to an established retirement community can be a great way to help avoid many concerns you may have.

Ready-made network

Without doubt, one of the main worries about relocating to a new area is the fear of not knowing anyone. The area, way of life, or having loved ones nearby may be what attracts you to a new location, but invariably it involves a fair amount of work getting out and about to make new friends/connections once you’ve arrived. The beauty of relocating to one of our villages is that the community is there, ready to welcome you. We have a variety of communities that suit all types of personalities, but what they all have in common is an extremely welcoming feel. Each village has a Residents Association that’s responsible for hosting and managing activities within the village, so there’s always something to get involved with to meet more people. When you move into one of our villages you can expect a very warm welcome from both the village team and the other residents.

“I feel very lucky to live in this part of the country and I know the diversity of the Devon countryside will inspire my art for many years. The village is in a beautiful country setting with the convenience of towns and villages nearby, not to mention the fact that the sea and the moors are practically on my doorstep!” Sandra, The Priory Resident.

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At your own pace

The beauty of retirement community life is that everyone respects each other’s right to privacy. There are plenty of activities to get involved with, and common spaces where you can meet and socialise with other residents. However if you prefer your own space or enjoy some quiet reflection from time to time, you will not be intruded upon. Our communities are filled with like-minded individuals who are both respectful and considerate.

A supportive team

We are extremely proud of our village teams. Each community is supported by an extremely professional and caring staff who are there to ensure the smooth running of village life and maintain the high standards our residents relish.

The majority of our villages are run by people with a background in the leisure industry, meaning that customer experience is an inherent focus of theirs. They are extremely warm and welcoming and often go above and beyond, demonstrating their dedication to the comfort and wellbeing of their residents.

Location, location, location

Whether you’d prefer to be nearby the hustle and bustle of a busy town, or city with all the facilities and entertainment that offers, or you’d prefer a more rural location with little interruption to the natural land and sound-scape, we will have a thriving community in an environment to suit. If being by the coast appeals more, and you yearn to be able to take long walks along the beach or simply watch the tide roll in and out, then we have options for that also.

In addition to landscapes, we also try our best to ensure there are useful amenities nearby to make life easier – whether it’s a supermarket, GP surgery or church, we ensure that ‘rural’ doesn’t mean ‘isolated’.

“I loved our family home…but when I became widowed, the maintenance that comes with such a property was hanging over my shoulders and as time went on, it became more of a worry for me. I had always dreamt of owning a cottage in the countryside, it was on my bucket list so to speak and it was finally going to become a reality for me.” Prue, Castle Village Resident.

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Wide range of options

To enable as smooth a transition as possible when moving home, or indeed relocating from further afield, we aim to offer as much support as we can. Whether you’re looking to sell your home and purchase your new home with us, rent from us or even part-exchange, we provide you with plenty of choice.

Find out more about the options available to move into one of our communities.

Contact your local village sales team

Try before you buy (or rent)

“If I hadn’t been able to stay, I’d probably still be umming and ahhing about whether it was the right move to make. As it was, I knew before I left that it was ideal for me.” Mrs Harries, The Priory Resident.

If you’re considering a move to an entirely new area or are simply new to the concept of community living, we’re offering the opportunity to try-before-you-buy in many of our villages. You can rent a short-term fully-furnished apartment in your preferred village so you get to explore the village, the wider community and experience the lifestyle of community living before committing full-time.

If you’re interested in this option, you can find out more here.

Whatever your motivation for relocating, we’re confident we’ll be able to make you feel right at home in one of our thriving communities. Browse our selection of retirement properties for sale and retirement properties to rent. Even better, attend one of our ever popular open days and experience our community living firsthand.


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