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Pets in retirement are universally cherished, whether they are large or petite, with fluffy or sleek fur. A pet serves as a delightful companion to return to after a day's activities, offering solace and relaxation. Engaging with an affectionate animal through petting, cuddling, or simply being in their company has been scientifically demonstrated to swiftly alleviate stress and anxiety. Furthermore, pets in retirement communities can offer much-needed companionship to alleviate the pangs of solitude. Opting for a dog in your retirement years brings the added benefit of regular exercise, as you both venture out for walks together.

Improving your wellbeing

Pet ownership's physical and mental benefits can be very far-reaching for us. The increased social interaction helps to keep your mind sharp, particularly for an older person. Research suggests retirees with pets are less likely to suffer from depression and can even have lower blood pressure. Caring for an animal can make you feel wanted and needed, and the additional companionship can be vital for those living alone. Having a pet in retirement can help add structure to your day as they need regular feeding and exercise.

Pets in our communities

At our pet-friendly retirement communities, we have a longstanding tradition of welcoming pets, and we are dedicated to maintaining this policy. In many of our communities, such as those with beautiful landscapes like Gittisham Hill Park and Charters Village, you can explore meadows and open spaces while walking your dogs right on the premises, all while taking advantage of the scenic countryside trails in the vicinity. Our range of ground-floor apartments, cottages, and bungalows ensures that you and your furry companion have convenient access to outdoor areas, allowing you to relish the outdoors and cosy indoor moments alike. Join us in meeting some of our delighted pet owners from various communities.

Colin and Rupert

Colin and his wife moved to Debden Grange 18 months ago and brought Rupert their rescue dog with them. Rupert is a Rottweiler crossed with a German Shepherd, who came from Romania through a charity that rescues dogs who are stray. Colin believes Rupert is about 10 years old and they have had him for 4 years. When they first visited Debden Grange Colin explained they had a dog and wanted to look at ground-floor apartments for ease. Rupert is welcome in all the Debden Grange communal areas, and Colin regularly takes him to coffee morning. He is well-loved by all the other residents too.

Patrick & Poppy

Patrick moved to Elmbridge Village in Jan 2020, just before Covid, along with Poppy. When he was looking for a retirement home it was essential to Patrick to find somewhere local to Cranleigh, where he’d lived for a long time, that was dog friendly. Poppy is a boarder, miniature schnauzer cross who is 14 and Patrick has had her since a puppy. He walks her, rain or shine, in the meadow at Elmbridge, but also along the canal behind the community so she can enjoy a big run.

Shelia and Sonny

Sheila and Sonny are residents of Elmbridge Village. Sheila rescued Sonny after he was knocked down by a car 4 years ago and brought him with her to the community when moved in in 2022. Shelia describes Sonny as her special friend, as he enjoys walking up to the laundry with her and to other places in the community. He does go out by himself at night too and even sometimes brings a mouse back!

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If you or a cherished family member is contemplating a transition to one of our numerous retirement communities, we offer a number of pet-friendly retirement homes available for sale or rent. We understand that pets in retirement are integral members of your family, and when you choose to attend one of our highly sought-after open day events, we extend a warm invitation for you to bring your beloved pet along. After all, it will be their home too!

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