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When it comes to retirement focussed around wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t get much better than Gradwell Park in East Sussex. Gradwell Park has a wellness suite featuring a gym, fitness classes plus treatment rooms, and a hair salon on site. These facilities recently had an exciting upgrade with the latest equipment from egym, our brand-new fitness equipment partner.

Egym equipment for our communities

EGYM is a global fitness technology leader that connects the dots between exercise and real health outcomes by partnering with fitness and health facilities worldwide to make workouts smarter, more efficient, and fun for everyone.

This is the latest generation of gym equipment and systems that use technology to personalise workouts for our residents. Personalising workouts can help residents stay on track with their fitness goals and improve confidence when using the new equipment.

Understanding your fitness goals

During an onboarding session to use the equipment, residents have a full body scan and take a strength test. This ensures equipment is tailored to each individual's requirements and helps to create an ideal training level for all future workouts. Onboarding is carried out by a training professional from Egym. All sessions are recorded so residents can see their progress and the workouts will automatically adjust during a session depending on how gym users feel.

Even if you have never used gym equipment like this before, you can have the confidence that an active lifestyle is something you can achieve and work towards, whatever goals you may have.

Chris and Carol, residents at Gradwell Park, commented,

It was exciting to see our Bioage results after completing strength tests. It’s helped us understand the importance of resistance training and set some goals for ourselves.

Focussing on active lifestyles

Being active in later life has a myriad of benefits. With residents now able to have regular progress checks on their fitness levels, they will be empowered to place greater emphasis on their own wellbeing and having an active lifestyle during their retirement years.

We hope to provide this equipment in our new Thrive Living collection developments, Botanical Place in West Byfleet, and The Wyldewoods in Chester when they open next year.

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