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Have you heard of No Mow May? It is the annual campaign from charity Plantlife, calling all owners and managers of green spaces, no matter what the size, to stop mowing in May. The idea is to liberate your lawn and allow a space for nature to do what it does best. Our holistic approach to sustainability focuses on three pillars; planet, circularity and social. These activities support our planet pillar and the targets within it to regenerate biodiversity up to 20% across all new communities by 2025.

Sustainability in the community

At our company, we firmly believe that sustainability is a shared responsibility. To ensure all our communities uphold this commitment, we have designated staff and resident ambassadors. We welcome input from all areas of our business to generate ideas for continual improvement

The No Mow May movement started in 2019 and has been gaining popularity every year. By promoting the benefits it brings to nature, we encouraged our communities to participate and witness the impact of our collective effort.

How we’ve been taking part

Our community's gardening teams put in a lot of effort to create stunning gardens and natural wild spaces that our residents can enjoy throughout the year. We have various communities, such as Elmbridge Village, Moat Park, Cedars Village, and Charters Villages, which already boast wild meadows that bloom with flowers all year round. Some communities have more formal green spaces that are meticulously maintained. This year, many of our communities participated in No Mow May, while others left larger areas to nature.

Richard Gash, Head Gardener at Elmbridge Village commented,

This is part of a bigger picture to look after our planet, we have to do what we can. It’s a good thing.

Back to nature

As the month has progressed our gardeners spotted a wealth of insects, flowers and butterflies in the grounds, some that they haven’t spotted before. On our meadow at Moat Park, we have creeping buttercup, oxeye daisies, red clover, and birdsfoot trefoil to name just a few. At Elmbridge Village, the meadow is covered buttercups and butterflies have been spotted by residents enjoying their morning stroll. The bluebell wood in Gittisham Hill Park is also in full bloom.

Rob Pyatt, General Manager, Cedars Village comments,

Our meadow is looking beautiful and we’ve had a lot of residents commenting on the flowers.
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Tony & Stuart at Moat Park comment,

"This is the second year we've got involved in No Mow May. Its been wonderful and very rewarding to see the meadow walk coming up with so much more wildlife and flowers. Keeping the grounds beautiful and increasing biodiversity is a challenge we're pleased to take on to create a better planet for the future."

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