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In the Olympic month it’s only fitting we should pick up on this sports theme.

Have you heard about a brand new film that tracks eight pensioners from across the world as they compete in the World Table Tennis Championships?

The film is not so much about the competition and following the ultimate winner, it’s the underlying theme of the human spirit and the will and determination to take part and succeed in life – whatever your age.

The film’s producers, Britdoc and Banyak Films, want the film to be shown in sports centres, schools and care homes across the UK – it is already due to be screened at 400 care homes and community centres over the summer.

Ping Pong, or table tennis, is a hotly contested sport in many of our own villages. In addition to keeping fit in later life, the activity is a great social gatherer.

Weekly village practice matches and the regular table tennis tournaments provide more than a health tonic, they provide an environment for residents to come together and meet up.

Scores of sports and activities are played in our villages by hundreds of residents who join in for a multitude of reasons.

It goes to prove that age is no barrier when it comes to sport in any of its guises, and being competitive, wanting to push yourself further and trying harder.

Here’s a short trailer of the film and details of nearest screenings to you:

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