Charles Grimsdale, Avonpark


“I can’t speak highly enough of the friendly staff at Avonpark.”

What happens when your parents need support over and above what you can provide them with yourself? This is a question frequently considered by the children of elderly couples as they look to the future.

Charles Grimsdale was one of them. Up until March 2012 his parents had been living independently and living life to the full. Following a stroke Charles’s mother was finding it increasingly difficult to walk and carry out routine activities and, as she became more reliant on her husband, it became obvious that the couple’s independent lifestyle was no longer possible.

“After researching a suitable place for both parents to live, Avonpark seemed like the perfect solution, and my parents moved into assisted living accommodation at the village. The team at Avonpark provided an excellent care package that suited the whole family,” said Charles.

He added: “Unfortunately as my mother’s health deteriorated late last year we had to consider options including moving one of my parents into a location outside of Avonpark which would not have been ideal”.

My brothers and I decided the best option was for both parents to remain at Avonpark due to the wide range of care options available. “The manager at Avonpark was instrumental in helping us with this difficult decision. They were able to offer my mother a private room with 24-hour care in Hillcrest House which meant that my father could continue to see my mother everyday.”

The whole family have been delighted with the care provided, it was a great solution for everyone involved. Charles added:

“I can’t speak highly enough of the friendly staff at Avonpark, in particular the team who cared for my mother until she very sadly passed away.”

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