Our Residents

What residents say about retirement village life

While we can provide the bricks and mortar, the infrastructure and the staff, it is our residents who breathe life into each village and really make them what they are – a collection of retirement communities, each with its very own individual personality.

Residents are the heartbeat of village life. Together, they create a social life around a vast calendar of activities. They lead the agenda and village life evolves accordingly.

We are constantly staggered by the sheer volume of events organised across our 14 villages (with two more coming soon). Fitness classes including Tai Chi, Zumba and Pilates, debating societies and current affairs groups, sports competitions, film nights and theatre trips, guest speakers, photography and gardening clubs, pamper days, fashion shows, quiz nights, am dram productions and even a week-long summer show at one particular village, these are just some of the happenings on this ever expanding list.

Residents are of course an integral part of the decision-making process at each of our villages and this happens through our village residents’ associations.

The views of retirement village residents are crucial to how we shape our villages in the future. Their opinions on retirement village living not only help us as a company but are important to other retirees and like minded people who may be considering this as a possible lifestyle option in the future.

Retirement village case studies and testimonials

So what do retirement villages’ residents think? 

Here we want to share some of our own retirement village testimonials and retirement case studies, gathered from our residents over the years. This information has been offered by residents who have given us permission to share it with you through the pages of our website.

We hope you find it both useful and informative, particularly if you are considering a retirement village lifestyle as one of your options for the future. Retirement village reviews provide invaluable insights into the real village and the real people living within them.

Please take your time to browse through them and if you need further information or clarity on anything mentioned, please do not hesitate to get in touch.