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We've explored the Baby Boomerang lifestyle and met the people who aren't slowing down. In fact, there's almost 5 million of them and they are boomeranging back into towns and cities to enjoy culture and the buzz that everything a connected lifestyle has to offer.

These Baby Boomers are thriving and it's time to find out all about them:

Martin loves Karate

Martin first tried Karate in 1975, at the age of 27. It was love at first sight. He has since been teaching it for 45 years.

As well as training in his local gym, Martin has travelled around the world with Karate including trips to Japan, the home of Karate. He’s now a 4th Dan Sensei and runs a local Karate club on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

He currently lives with his wife and they both appreciate the convenience of urban living as they get older. Martin experiences a true sense of community by teaching Karate to all ages, which he wouldn’t get from a rural area.

Martin says,

Karate is not just a physical exercise. A big part of the attraction is the mental fitness it brings and that is what he focuses on when he’s teaching. It’s all about enjoying the experience.

Stela loves dancing

Stela’s favourite music is disco, funk and hip hop. She loves going out to restaurants, to bars and to nightclubs. Always dressed to impress, her and her husband, Paul, love to entertain and hit the night streets with fervour…

Stela would go dancing before she had children. But five years ago, she discovered that something was missing in her life. That was dancing.

For Stela, getting ready is the first step to a great night out. She can’t imagine living a life without having dancing just around the corner.

Stela says,

The best thing about living in a buzzy, connected area, is that everyone has music on. It’s just a question of choosing the right place, with the right music.

Harriet loves painting

Harriet used to work in the film industry. She quit the industry to focus on her painting and that’s how she now makes a living.

She’s in her 60s, and lives in a city, which enables her to be a short distance from her studio, which she shares with other artists. Harriet feels enriched by the characters around her, who all share a similar positive attitude to life. They often go to nearby exhibitions together.

Her studio is not only a place where she goes to paint and be calm. It’s a place where she can meet other like-minded creatives and be sociable. In fact, meeting people and surrounding herself with interesting characters is something she enjoys above all else.

Despite living her younger years in the countryside, Harriet wants to spend her later years soaking up what’s available to her on her doorstep in the city.

Thriving in towns & cities

If your considering a move to a town or city for a more connected lifestyle our Thrive Living collection, could be just want you are looking for. Our brand new concept reflects this connected lifestyle and is providing more choice to those older people looking to remain social and active in their later years.

The first two developments are completing in 2025 at the heart of urban communities. First, Botanical Place in West Byfleet, second The Wyldewoods in Chester, followed by Tunbridge Wells in 2026. Thrive Living responds to a new generation of older people with changing expectations and puts them back into the heart of communities.

Want to learn more about Thrive Living? Click here to explore more.

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