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Retirement is a phase of life when your priorities may begin to shift. Older people want to be able to enjoy the relaxation and independence, this phase of life can offer. But for many, this may involve downsizing, which isn’t always a simple, stress-free process. Moving from a family home can sometimes be a complex and drawn-out process, especially when the ideal home within one of our communities has not yet become available. This is where the concept of "Flexi-Rent", a new tenure option developed by Retirement Villages becomes a valuable option.

What is Flexi-Rent?

It’s a simple solution that makes moving into a community quick and easy. Flexi-Rent, or flexible short-term rentals, offer a range of benefits. Firstly, they provide a convenient and hassle-free solution to move straight into a community. Plus you can move around the community to other properties or try another home in a different community, while you decide where you want to be and find the ideal home for your lifestyle. With increased choice and freedom, you can make it work for you. Discover our top tips to help you decide if Flexi-rent can help you.

Move in straight away

An immediate transition to our community is one of the most significant benefits of Flexi-Rent. It allows you to start enjoying the benefits of the community even before your chosen residence is ready, make friends, join the clubs, or dine in the restaurant – the choice is yours. Our team ensures a seamless move, reducing the stress and complications associated with trying to coordinate the sale of your previous home with the purchase of your house within our retirement village community.

No need to rush

We recognise moving is a big decision, whatever age you are, so don’t rush it. There’s no pressure to settle for an alternative retirement housing arrangement. You can comfortably wait for the house you truly want rather than making a rushed decision that you might come to change later. We want your community to be a place you want to belong

Join in the fun

Each of our retirement villages has its own unique characteristics just like the people who live in them. Whether you are looking for a lively, active place to be or somewhere to unwind and enjoy long lunches with friends the freedom to choose is yours. Flexi-Rent means you can join in with your new neighbours and take part in community activities immediately, instead of waiting.

Stay as long as you want

Freedom and flexibility put you in the driving seat, where you should be when you decide to move house. You can determine the duration of your stay in your current property and you choose when you move at a time that works for you. The flexibility empowers you to seamlessly move to another residence, whether within the same village or a different one.

Confidence in your choice

Flexi-Rent gives you the peace of mind in your choice. You can have confidence that you have a comfortable, temporary home within one of our retirement communities, allowing you to enjoy your new lifestyle and the amenities our community offers while waiting for your permanent residence to be completed. And if you love it you can always make it permanent too.

Flexi-Rent provides a practical and convenient solution when your desired house within the community has not yet become available, or if you just want to see if community life is for you. It allows for a smooth transition, reduced stress, and immediate access to the amenities and services within our community – start living life on your terms and enjoy your retirement in style sooner.

To take advantage browse our selection of retirement properties to rent, even better join us on one of our ever-popular open days and experience the community lifestyle on offer first hand. You can read more about renting and all the options we offer here or take a look at our comprehensive rentals FAQs.

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